New Music From Rebelski

Martin Rebelski has scored the music for the second book in the ‘Anna’ trilogy. You may recall last year Rebelski wrote the soundtrack for Anna & the Witch’s Bottle, for which the music is still available to download at itunes.

Here is the blurb on the second book:

‘Anna & The Juniper Dog’ is the second book in the ‘Anna’ trilogy and follows the acclaimed ‘Anna & the Witch’s Bottle’. Featuring Geoff Cox’s surrealist prose and Rohan Daniel Eason’s exquisite pen and ink illustrations, the book is designed by the La Boca studio and presented with an exclusive soundtrack of minimalist compositions by Martin Roman Rebelski of Doves.

Check out the music using the soundcloud tab below. For more info visit


Rebelski ‘The Juniper Dog’ (excerpts from soundtrack) by blackmaps