Some Cities Live EP

Artwork By Rick Myers

NME Article

NME Article

Doves are working on a live EP featuring tracks from their 2005 world tour.

The Manchester band plan to release five songs from a series of different gigs in the UK and the US as a download on April 10.

Writing on their website the band said: “It’s great to have each song from a different gig and include something from the American leg of the tour and they all sound great.”

Released: April 17th 2006

Produced by: Doves

Label: Heavenly

Additional Info: The EP is a internet download only release. Initially only available via iTunes, its now available on all download platforms. Promo CDs exist, but are very rare. They tend to fetch around £400 on ebay.

Track listing:

1. Black and White Town (Music Factory, Carlow Dec 20th 2005)
2. Almost Forgot Myself (Newcastle Academy Dec 11th 2005)
3. Snowden (London Hammersmith Apollo Dec 7th 2005)
4. Ambition (Dublin Olympia Dec 21st 2005)
5. Where We’re Calling From/Pounding (Warsaw New York City Sept 14th 2005)


Spin Article

With no full-length studio release in sight, U.K.’s Doves are tiding fans over with a five-song live EP.

Some Cities Live will only be available via download, beginning April 10, though the release date “may slide by a week or two,” according to the band’s web site.

Each track was recorded at a different show, including the Academy in Newcastle (“Almost Forgot Myself”), Hammersmith Apollo in London (“Snowden”), and Warsaw in Brooklyn (“Where We’re Calling From”/”Pounding”).

While most of the tracks are from the band’s 2005 album, Some Cities, the two tracks recorded in Brooklyn are off The Last Broadcast, recorded in that same borough in 2002.