Sky Starts Falling


Artwork By Rick Myers

Released: September 12th 2005

Produced by: Doves & Ben Hillier

Label: Heavenly

Track listings


1. Sky Starts Falling
2. Some Cities (Echoboy Remix)


1. Sky Starts Falling (Video)
2. The Storm (Rebelski Remix)
3. Some Cities (Love Will Never Sever Mix By Echoboy)

7″ HVN 152

A. Sky Starts Falling
B. The Storm (Rebelski Remix)

Promo CD HVN 152CDRP

1. Sky Starts Falling

2. Sky Starts Falling Instrumental

Chart History

Highest UK single chart position: 45

Sky Starts Falling spent one week on the chart.


Directed By Reuben Sutherland


NME Review

The alarm bells start ringing as soon as you clock that title, which sounds like the kind of thing that would be generated by a computer programmed with Fundaments Of 21st Century Big Rock 2.0. And indeed, we get quiet bits, loud chorus bits, a slight change of tack in the middle eight and a switch back to the original recipe. Doves have given us some soaring pop songs but this is just bells-and-whistles, smoke-and-mirrors stadium-pleasing ho-hummery. What’s in a title, eh kids?