Artwork by Rick Myers

Released: July 22nd 2002

Produced by: Doves

Label: Heavenly

Track listings:


1. Pounding
2. Far From Grace
3. Northenden


1. Pounding (Video)
2. Satellites (Soulsavers Remix)
3. M62 Song (Four Tet Remix)

Japanese EP TOCP-61068

1. Pounding
2. The Cedar Room (Live At Triple J Radio)
3. Here It Comes (Live At Triple J Radio)
4. Valley
5. Your Shadow Lay Across My Life
6. Willow Song

10″ Vinyl HVN 116-10

Side A: Pounding, Satellites (Soulsavers Remix)
Side B: M62 Song (Four Tet Remix)


(Directed by Julian House & Julian Gibbs Intro)

Chart History

Highest UK single chart position: 21

Pounding spent three weeks in the charts:

Week 2: 39
Week 3: 59

NME Review

NME Review

Our single of the week pounds and pounds and pounds. Gloriously, endlessly, transcendently…DANG! DANG! DANG! DANG! DANG! DANG! What does ‘Pounding’ do? It pounds and pounds and pounds. Gloriously, endlessly, transcendently…building, almost imperceptibly, to a) the best guitar solo since Aztec Camera’s Roddy Frame took a back seat and b) the best exit-left jangly guitar coda since Johnny Marr left . And at the centre? Jimi Goodwin, no-one’s idea of Pavarotti, but a bloke whose vocals throb with an Everyman hurt and humanity. Is it happy? Is it sad? Better than that ‘Pounding’ is ALIVE! Frenzied orgasms ‘n’ irretrievable breakdowns, blazing suns ‘n’ blazing rows, scarf-waving stadium joy and box-bedroom frustration…it’s all here. As for the Soulsaver’s mix of ‘Satellites’ and Four Tet’s take on ‘M62′, well, they’re your post-coital cigarettes. Or, rather, cigars. Essential.