I’ve seen a place
A place of Falling Rivers
Where we can breathe again
Let me see
Let me know
Let me see the Wall
That echoes in your mind…

Rain, falls, falling on the window
I ain’t seen the sun in days
Bring me back
Bring me back the hope we found that day
Seems far far away


And the world we see
Belongs to you and me
If we’re Looking- Andalucía
And the love you bring
Won’t mean a thing
If you don’t win – Andalucía

End Chorus

Days, feel strange
Impossible to remember
You’re a thousand miles away
I can’t rest
I cannot sleep
I’m feeling numb, almost dazed
Can you be the same?…

The same, dreams, of swimming in the ocean
White surf is all around
I can’t think
Well I can’t stop
To think of her with him

So far far away