Instrumentals Of Rust

Instrumentals of Rust Digital Cover

Released June 15th 2009 across most digital media platforms in Europe. In North America the download was available June 16th. The album is was also made available on a promo CD as linked here at discogs.

Track listing
Jetstream (Instrumental) –5:32
Kingdom of Rust (Instrumental) –5:13
The Outsiders (Instrumental) –3:29
Winter Hill (Instrumental) –5:20
10:03 (Instrumental) –4:05
The Greatest Denier (Instrumental) –3:59
Birds Flew Backwards (Instrumental) –2:54
Spellbound (Instrumental) –5:42
Compulsion (Instrumental) –5:16
House of Mirrors (Instrumental) –4:18
Lifelines (Instrumental) –4:25