Coast EP

Released: July 27 1992

Produced by: Sub Sub

Label: Rob’s Records

Additional Info:

Sub Sub’s first release on Rob’s Records. Released on 12″ vinyl only.

The track ‘Coast’ is in fact an entirely different track to the one finally released as lead track on the 12″. This alternative ‘Coast’ did finally get released as a B-side to ‘Angel’ and was retitled ‘Senna’.

Past features percussion by Andy Lloyd.

Inside Of This features a vocal sample from the movie Fatal Attraction. With Glenn Close as Alex Forester saying:

“I guess you thought you’d get away with it. Well, you can’t. Because part of you is growing inside of me… and that’s a fact, Dave, and you’d better start learning how to deal with it. Can you understand? Can you?” “‘Cause, you know, I feel you. I taste you. I think you. Can you understand? Can you?”

Track listing:

12″ Vinyl 12 ROB 7

A1 Coast
A2 Past

AA1 Inside Out
AA2 Inside Of This