Cedar EP

Artwork By Rick Myers

Released: November 9th 1998

Produced by: Doves

Label: Casino Records

Additional info: 1000 copies were made

Track listings:

10″ vinyl CHIP001

Side A: Rise, Zither
Side B: The Cedar Room


Link: Video

Directed by Matt Norman


For the 20th anniversary of the Cedar EP I spoke to Andy & band manager Dave Rofe about the Cedar EP and what life was like in Doves back in 1998. Click here to access both interviews.

Duke University Interview with Andy

It’s actually about-it’s quite weird-I wrote the verse lyrics and Jimi [Goodwin, bassist/vocalist] wrote the chorus lyrics. The cedar room was actually a room in a haunted house from when we were kids. The name just got stuck in my head. It’s a very love kind of vibe