Heavenly Records News

Some good news regarding Heavenly from Billboard business:

U.K. indie Heavenly Recordings has signed a long-term licensing agreement with Cooperative Music, the international independent label group that operates under Universal Music Group ownership.

Heavenly’s previous deal with EMI expired in 2008, although Doves’ U.K. No. 2 album “Kingdom of Rust” was released by Heavenly via EMI in 2009. Cooperative began working with Heavenly last year and helped the London-based indie sign the Soft Pack and Fionn Regan.

“Recently, with Fleet Foxes and Phoenix they [Cooperative] have proved their ability in getting really impressive sales from supposedly underground acts and in doing so gave me the confidence to turn our relationship in to something more long term,” said Heavenly Recordings founder and owner Jeff Barrett in a statement.

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What this means for doves exactly I’m not sure. Regardless though, nice to see a good label sticking around.