Pitchfork 5-10-15-20

Thanks to our friends at Nashville Mixtapes for bringing this to our attention. Jimi recently gave Pitchfork his 5-10-15-20 picks. Its a new feature at pitchfork, where they talk to artists about the music they loved at five-year interval points in their lives. Its interesting reading:

Age 5

Mud: “Tiger Feet”

The first gig I went to was for this bubblegum 70s rock’n’roll band Mud. They were all wearing teddy boy suits. It was a bit silly, but I was five. It was back in the time when all the merchandise and badges were really huge– they were as big as me. I bought a Mud flag, a Mud scarf, and a big Mud badge and I was showing them off in the playground the next day. The teacher took it all off me. I was a little too excited.

Age 25

Radiohead: The Bends

After listening to hip-hop and dance music for a long time I started to get excited by guitar music again around this time. The Bends is where Radiohead really started coming into their own, where Thom Yorke really found his voice as a lyricist and writer. They really impacted us as a band. They impacted everyone.

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