Doves On Subterranean This Sunday

MTV’s Subterranean reports that doves will be featured on this weekend’s episode. Here’s the blurb from the Subterranean blog:

Thats right, if you tried to watch the show last night and got confused because it wasn’t on, don’t fret, we’re still around! Same place, but a brand new time. You can now catch Subterranean on MTV2 every Sunday at 1AM EST. This week Doves are stopping to celebrate the new time slot and support their album Kingdom of Rust. Also we will be playing new music from Esser, Amazing Baby, Death Cab For Cutie, and P.O.S.

OK, if you still aren’t convinced, check out a sneak of this Sundays episode. We think they are talking about jet lag and…dildos?

Check out these fresh interview snippets from the show.

Andy & Jez discuss jetlag and dildos

Andy & Jez discuss what they are listening to now

Going by those snippets, should be interesting viewing this Sunday!! I believe this is USA only. But don’t quote me, check your local listings.

San Francisco & MTV2 Subterranean

With all the LA love of recent days. We have not forgotten San Francisco! The band played the regular set at the sold out fillmore, with the addition of the US tour premier of Compulsion.

We haven’t come across any reviews as yet, if you have a review let us know. Here are some awesome photo galleries & video:

From Twtter user ftchris

Some video of Pounding taken by Karen L

Black & White Town video

Doves are to be hosting this week’s edition of MTV2’s Subterranean. Check out some video of the band on the tour bus, trying to film the show, its pretty funny. You would think Jimi would know the difference between the Williams twins by now!! :)

Hi, I’m Jimi…

Catch the rest of the video over at this youtube channel.