Review Round-Up #2

Here’s several more reviews of the album, which you may have missed over the last few days…

Kansas, Album Review:


Doves | ‘Kingdom of Rust’: Rust is the first release in four years from the British trio of brothers Andy and Jez Williams and Jimi Goodwin. The trio continued its work with producer Dan Austin. Sounds like: Coldplay, with more unexpected turns and bigger risks.

San Francisco Chronicle (via, Album Review:

The punk-funk oddity “Compulsion,” a lovingly crafted early New Order tribute, is a delight, though, even if it feels like iTunes has unintentionally slipped into shuffle mode.

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St. Petersburg Times (via Tampa, Album Review:


…the buzzing, strobing Jetstream, a dreamlike synth-pounder about “carbon seas, cast adrift on a trouble dream.” Yeah, I have NO idea. But it’s a sublime head-spinner for both humans and replicants, and it sucks you in like a vacuum, refusing to let go.

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The Times (via, Album Review:

Doves: Kingdom of Rust. If there’s any such thing as an Elbow bounce, Guy Garvey’s fellow Mancunians have timed their fourth album smartly. Refraining from fixing what wasn’t broken, the best moments of their return evoke the magic hour industrial sunsets of their hometown, while detours into Morricone-inspired territory and the four-to-the-floor fireworks of House of Mirrors supply peaks to please those familiar with its predecessors.