sky sports

Hear Andalucia Snippet

This morning Soccer AM played a snippet of Andalucia over a VT of some Champions League goals. Soccer AM is streaming the 30 second snippet at their website. Cheers to Rob at doves board for the heads up. Should point out though, the chorus is not on there.

New Doves On Sky Sports

If you have Sky Sports, then tune into Soccer Am tomorrow (why wouldn’t you anyways? – great show!) there is a possibily of hearing new single Andalucia! Having heard the track myself, its highly likely we will be hearing the track allot during the World Cup this summer, it has that vibe to it!

Then later on at the end of the Chelsea V Man City game which is a lunch time KO, Blue Water will close the show.

Also found at doves board.., head over to your nearest newsagent and pick up a copy of the lads mag Loaded. Jimi is the guest editor of this month’s music section. Cheers to parray for the heads up! If anyone wants to send in a scan, feel free. Credit (or not if you prefer..!) given of course.