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Better late than never! Here’s a few reviews from Doves’ recent performance at Philadelphia’s Trocadero.

Jes, at the Torcadero, Philly
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Overall, I couldn’t hear Jimi Goodwin’s bass, but his distinctive vocals were consistently spot-on all night. Also, the band’s sequencing (controlled by the mysterious man crouching behind the drums?) was a little off, leaving some parts to come in at the incorrect time or not at all. (Or again, maybe I just couldn’t hear them?) Still, Doves soldiered through and seemed in good and gracious spirits.

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Music Under

Not until the third song into the show did Goodwin’s vocals warm up and the way he belted his voice throughout the venue was simply astounding. Every nuance while he was singing was similar, if not better, than any of his work done in a recording studio; seeing the Doves live was turning out to be quite an unexpected treat.

With songs such as “Pounding” and “Black and White Town“, the crowd was soon singing along, swept off their feet with each song that was played. Their title-track “Kingdom of Rust” was another favorite from the new album and the addition of keyboardist Martin Rebelski made his impact known. Rebelski certainly fit right in as well, practically hidden behind the mounds of keyboards and sound equipment in the far back right corner of the stage.

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Phrequency Blog

Oddly enough, most of their upbeat rockers, aside from “Black and White Town,” never really reached any point of combustion. This may have been a problem to do with improper sound leveling, but “Pounding,” didn’t emphasize much change in drum dynamics. “The Outsiders,” almost completely hid the bassline in the first verse that takes as much of the lead melody as the guitar. This song sounded superb on their performance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, so one has to wonder what went wrong if it sounded good on a cheap tinny TV. In this respect, their studio production wins outright.

To make up for these blips that, for the most part, didn’t seem to be judgment errors on the side of the musicians, Doves outperformed any notion of high expectation on almost every other song. They played 17 songs, and I would say that 10 of them could have been the high points of the show.

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Jez Advises Fans To "Get Ready"

In a recent telephone interview with, Jez has strongly hinted that Doves’ next output will be a departure from the current album, Kingdom Of Rust.

The Doves, who also includes vocalist-bassist Jimi Goodwin and Jez’s brother/drummer Andy Williams, believe that “Rust” is a good stepping-off point for the band.

“It’ll be interesting where we can go from here,” says Williams. “I think that ‘Rust’ proves that we can do anything we want to do. We challenged ourselves a great deal this time because we’re not content to put out the same old thing. It worked out as well as we could have ever hoped. It’ll be interesting to see what we do next. Just get ready for it.”

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Philadelphia Setlist

Thanks to blog-follower, Chris Newman, here’s the setlist from last night’s performance at Philadelphia’s Trocadero venue.

Winter Hill
Almost Forgot Myself
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom Of Rust
Black And White Town
The Outsiders
Caught By The River

Here It Comes
The Last Broadcast
There Goes the Fear

Chris stayed sober all night, just to document the setlist for us!

Philadelphia Review

An excellent review of last night’s show at Philadelphia’s Trocadero:

The Doves thankfully hit the stage to musically deodorize the stage after that Hampshire funk was spread out like grandma wrecking the bathroom after fudge and crab cakes on a humid July day.

I came away with two things after seeing The Doves live : #1 Jimi Goodwin’s voice is f***ing amazing, #2 The Doves really write great songs. I was blown away at the endurance of Jimi Goodwin’s pipes. This guy belts out each song with everything he’s got, yet from song one to the final encore, his voice was perfect. And it’s no lilting, Thom Yorke-y type voice, it’s powerful, soulful, and gravely.

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Breakfast at Sulimay’s

This is the best Kingdom Of Rust review, you are going to see this year. I love it, this is basically three grandparents Bill, Ann, and Joe (Is he even alive?!) reviewing Kingdom Of Rust. Doves are three minutes in:

Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Theatre of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA

June 16th 2002

Bootleg: Yes, Audience Recording.


There Goes The Fear
Sea Song
Friday’s Dust
Catch The Sun
Caught By The River
The Cedar Room
Here It Comes