Lost Souls

The Story of Lost Souls

Spinner has uploaded a video about the making of Lost Souls. Some good footage, including some rare shots of the HMV rooftop gig. The title mentions its part 1 of 4 which spans doves career, will let you know when more vids are up.

EDIT: Spinner have since restricted the video to UK only. But fear not the video will be available to watch on the new look doves.net any day now along with other exclusive videos.

NME Lists

Hailed as one of the first great debut albums of the millennium – NME

The NME has rated Lost Souls as the 8th best record of 2000. Personally I’d put it a bit higher, but I suppose I’m biased!

Q has released its best albums of the year list. Kingdom Of Rust is number 11.

Info thanks to Kalman over at doves board.

Five Albums You Might’ve Missed

An article featuring Lost Souls found at examiner.com

Doves –Lost Souls (Astralwerks 2000)

Atmospheric with a groove, The Doves were originally a trance group who luckily took to rock instruments. Sounding like a funkier Radiohead combined with the bells and whistles of The Beatles, the band put together a spacey opus with Lost Souls. Opening with an effects-laden instrumental “Firesuite” which segways into an organ heavy, Snatch-like “Here It Comes” the Doves lead the listener on an interstellar journey of sorts. “Catch The Sun” however proved that the band was capable of writing some fine straight ahead rock (This song would later be covered by Jamie Cullum). Never huge in the US, Last Souls was a dreamy slab of shoegaze rock gone right that far too few heard.

Archive: BBC Radio 1 Evening Session

Here is a gem from the past. As requested at doves board.

Steve Lamacq’s Evening Session Sept 25th 2000. Many thanks to Jag, I can offer these mp3s in good 320 bitrate quality.


1. Valley
2. Blue Water
3. The Man Who Told Everything
4. Gone ‘Til November


Andy Writes About Lost Souls At Q The Music.com

Doves’ guest editorship of Q The Music.com this week, continues apace. Today’s Doves feature is Andy’s recollections of creating the Lost Souls album.

Q The Music.com

…By this time the studio fire had happened in our first studio in Ancoats, Manchester and as we were signed to Rob Gretton’s label he suggested renting New Order’s Cheetham Hill studio off them. This was where the bulk of the album was recorded. We really did lock ourselves away for 3 to 4 years until we discovered how we wanted to sound, it was a pretty oppressive place with no windows and thieves trying to break in!

To read more, visit the site, here.