Doves now have their own section up on the Radio 2 section of the BBC website. You can read the excellent review of the album. Check out video/pictures and more related to the sessions doves are doing over the weekend for Lamacq & O’Leary.

Doves at Radio 2


Friday March 27th is Doves day at NME radio. Tracks from the new album will be played all day. The band will be hosting an hour as well. That same day doves will also be performing a live session on the Steve Lamacq show. Next day doves then are performing tracks for 6music’s The Hub.

Thanks to #1 for pointing out that Doves are on the cover of Chimp Magazine. For those who can’t pick up a copy. Take a look at these scans over at flickr.

I’ve had a few people ask me about where the album can be found to download. Sorry I wont be posting any links to leaks on this blog. Yes the album is out there. But the only link I have is on the left of the page that takes you to order at amazon. If your in London, The Social will be hosting the first public hearing next Monday afternoon from 1pm. You should be able to score some doves goodies as well, whilst your there.