It is Thanksgiving here in the US tomorrow, whilst means nothing to me personally being a brit here, any excuse to eat & drink loads is fine by me. So to get with the thanksgiving mood, here is a gift to you all as a thanks for all the support since I started the blog back in Febuary. The most requested live track I get is for The Man Who Told Everything. With Thanks to Haruto, I can share this video from the wee tour of Japan doves did back in early 2003.

You can also check out versions of Spaceface (amazing!) & Words from the same show at our youtube channel. Keep checking the channel for more video from the show.

Cheers! Have a good one tomorrow if your in the US, or an expat American elsewhere in the world.

More From Fuji Rock

Setlist from Fuji Rock

Winter Hill
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom of Rust
Black & White Town
The Outsiders
There Goes the Fear

Here are some pro shot photos from doves set at Fuji Rock. Once again, Thanks to Apo for bringing these to our attention.

To see more photos, visit the full set at fujirockexpress.net.

Fan Photos From Fuji Rock

Here are some snap shots from doves MTV Acoustic & interview session at Fuji Rock, sent to us from doves board regular Apo.

MTV acoustic session

MTV Interview

Doves feature in the Fuji Rock program.

As always click on the images for full size.

Fuji Rock Review

Picture from fujirockexpress.net

fujirockexpress.net has posted a positive review of doves Friday set at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival.

Doves brought their mellow Brit rock to the Green Stage on Friday afternoon, along with some mellow weather.They played a cross section of tunes from Some Cities and The Last Broadcast and they trotted out “Kingdom Of Rust” from their new album of the same name about half way through. When they started, a light mist of rain shrouded the Green Stage, but as they got into the middle of their set and Jimi Goodwin said thanks to that rain and that “we all need a little rain in our life, it makes things beautiful” and suddenly it stopped. The sky brightened, and warm and surprisingly dry breeze brought the smiles out. Rain ponchos and caps came off, people dance a little more, and the kids started playing.

To read the full review, click here.

Picture from Bounce.com

If you can read Japanese, you can read about doves views on Fuji Rock and who they plan on seeing, at bounce.com before leaving for Australia here.

Next stop is Splendour in the Grass tomorrow (26th) Doves are due to play on the main Supertop stage at 5pm for an hour. Then its on to Melbourne the first of four headline shows in Oz. As ever, do email us your reviews/pictures from the shows. We will put them up.

Doves On Stage At Fuji Rock

What a beautiful setting for a festival..

Pictures by Twitter user @totoon

Picture taken by twitter user @shayash

As always, click the images for full view.

Doves Return to Fuji Rock

On Friday doves return to the Fuji Rock festival. Always a favourite on the festival calendar. Doves set there in 2002 has often been cited by the band as one of their favourite festival sets ever.

Doves are due on the Green Stage at 2pm local time for a 50 minute set. You can also get a chance to meet the band. They are due to do an autograph & acoustic sessions as well as part take in a MTV talk show. This will take place at Gan-Ban Square at the Oasis area. Check your festival guide for all the timings and what not. Thanks to Apo for the heads up!

Those of you attending have a great time! If you would like to submit photos or a review, we would love to hear from you. Email us.

Kingdom Of Rust Japanese Lyrics

Click images for large view to read lyrics.

Doves Added To Fuji Rocks Festival

The organisers of Japan’s Fuji Rocks Festival, have today confirmed Doves will be performing at this year’s event.

Fuji Rocks Festival

Per-date lineup! 5th lineup announcement. BRAHMAN, DOVES and more!

Doves will perform at the festival on Friday, July 24th.

For further information and ticket sales, visit the official site, here.

Kingdom Of Rust Japanese Pressing

Just a quick note to let you know the Japanese pressing of Kingdom Of Rust is now shipping. Released on Wednesday, this version features the bonus track Push Me On the original mix. Its very expensive as with all Japanese imports. Though some of doves best releases over the past decade have come from Japan.

Don’t forget to vote on the Kingdom Of Rust poll. You are allowed one vote per day. My original choice of 10.03, has since changed to Compulsion. Multiple votes are welcome, so don’t worry if you change your mind a few days later.