Brilliant Gmex Videos

The Greatest Denier

The Cedar Room – wow!

Both videos by board regular gibbo, probably the best fan taken video of the year, in fact some of the best I’ve ever seen of doves. Top job man! Do yourselfs a favour and click on the videos to view them in high quality. Watching this, makes me hope they make it back over to the US next year, or that I get to see them back in the UK. :)

Top marks to the band too. Jimi is on top form with the vocals! Brilliant stuff.

Gmex Photos

Super Furry Animals Photo by Shirlaine Forrest

Gigwise has put up a large gallery of photos from the Gmex show, with pics from the Delphic & SFA sets as well as doves of course.

Lost Camera

From doves board:

Bit of a punt this …but we were chatting to a couple, Caroline and I think Chris ,last night at the Gmex gig ….they were big SFA and Doves fans .They mentioned they’d registered on here, but didn’t post.
Anyhoo about half way into the set Caroline said she’d lost her camera ..couldn’t find it in the crowd .Just before the end someone handed a camera to me thinking it was mine, ‘cos I’d mentioned we were looking to peeps around us .
I looked for them after the gig but didn’t manage to see them.

If this is you, visit the board to pm redliz.

Manchester Central Setlist


Where We’re Calling From
House Of Mirrors
Kingdom Of Rust
Greatest Denier
Black And White Town
Caught By The River

The Cedar Room
Here It Comes
Last Broadcast
The Fear


The NME were at the gig. A wee review up on the site:

The band treated fans to a career-spanning set at the venue formerly known as G-Mex and admitted the enormity of the show was “overwhelming”.

Tracks from their most recent album ‘Kingdom Of Rust’ such as ’10:03′ were mixed in with fan favourites ‘Black And White Town’ and ‘Snowden’.

Meanwhile, the band were joined by the London Bulgarian Choir for a number of songs, such as ‘Cedar Room’ and ‘Firesuite’

Introducing ‘Pounding’, singer Jimi Goodwin told the crowd: “Let’s make the G-Mex shudder and shake like the old days.”

He later thanked fans for their support over their decade-spanning career.

“This is the biggest crowd we’ve ever played to in out hometown, it means a fucking lot. Merry Christmas.”.

Manchester Central Spaceface Video

Really good video of Spaceface as captured by Radiosjohn, who you may recall got some great footage earlier in the year at the Academy show. Notice the big fancy camera rig going back and forth, lets hope the footage sees light of day someday soon.

Manchester Central

Pictured tweeted by @tsimmonds

Doves finished off the year in style with a massive hometown show at Manchester Central (though will always be the gmex!) The band reunited with the London Bulgarian choir for some of the set (Firesuite, The Cedar Room among others). They finished the set with Spaceface. More as I have it.

Gmex Live Pictures

Pictured tweeted by @patricksmyth

Pictured tweeted by @thisismusic

Pictured tweeted by @tsimmonds

Doves joined by the London Bulgarian Choir.