Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour Replay

Some of you may recall, a couple of years back Jimi let Guy Garvey air a demo on his Finest Hour radio show. The track was called Devils In The Detail. As Guy is currently in the US with Elbow, the show this past Sunday was a “highlights package” thing. So if you missed Devils In The Detail first time around, then here is your chance to hear it again legit on the bbc iPlayer. You have until Sunday!

Go to the BBC iPlayer here (its available to anyone outside the UK too) then fast forward to 1.18 into the show, for the feature demo heaven. Check out the jingle also sung by Jimi! Listen to Jimi & Guy waffle on, before Guy plays the track around 1.24. Of course I never bootlegged this first time around, not sure how it got on my ipod! :)


ps: If you are in the US, Don’t forget Elbow are on Letterman tonight!