Andy Writes About Some Cities At Q The

There’s more Doves content at Q The, where Doves are guest editors all this week.

Today, Andy recounts the making of 2005’s Some Cities album.

Q The

Jez Williams (Doves): “I also remember a writing session before recording in this really knackered old farmhouse near Snowdon where, guess what, we wrote Snowden (was a working title that stuck). The place had no heating or carpets and the bed sheets looked like they hadn’t been changed in 12 months, old pubes all over the place. It was like something out of Withnail And I!!”

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There’s also a new feature, posted today, listing some acts associated with Doves. To read the feature, click here.

Jez Writes About The Last Broadcast At Q The

Continuing Doves’ guest editorship of Q The, Jez has reminisced about the making of The Last Broadcast album.

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Caught By The River happened so quickly it was ridiculous. We decided to go to a rehearsal room in Stockport called The Green Room. Jimi, Andy and I just started to play these three chords. Jimi started to sing this great top line melody and there it was… very natural and easy. Andy started to write these very poignant lyrics about a friend of ours; everything started to click like at the start of the recording. That was the last piece of the jigsaw for the album.

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Andy Writes About Lost Souls At Q The

Doves’ guest editorship of Q The this week, continues apace. Today’s Doves feature is Andy’s recollections of creating the Lost Souls album.

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…By this time the studio fire had happened in our first studio in Ancoats, Manchester and as we were signed to Rob Gretton’s label he suggested renting New Order’s Cheetham Hill studio off them. This was where the bulk of the album was recorded. We really did lock ourselves away for 3 to 4 years until we discovered how we wanted to sound, it was a pretty oppressive place with no windows and thieves trying to break in!

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