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Review Round-Up #2

Here’s several more reviews of the album, which you may have missed over the last few days…

Kansas, Album Review:


Doves | ‘Kingdom of Rust’: Rust is the first release in four years from the British trio of brothers Andy and Jez Williams and Jimi Goodwin. The trio continued its work with producer Dan Austin. Sounds like: Coldplay, with more unexpected turns and bigger risks.

San Francisco Chronicle (via, Album Review:

The punk-funk oddity “Compulsion,” a lovingly crafted early New Order tribute, is a delight, though, even if it feels like iTunes has unintentionally slipped into shuffle mode.

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St. Petersburg Times (via Tampa, Album Review:


…the buzzing, strobing Jetstream, a dreamlike synth-pounder about “carbon seas, cast adrift on a trouble dream.” Yeah, I have NO idea. But it’s a sublime head-spinner for both humans and replicants, and it sucks you in like a vacuum, refusing to let go.

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The Times (via, Album Review:

Doves: Kingdom of Rust. If there’s any such thing as an Elbow bounce, Guy Garvey’s fellow Mancunians have timed their fourth album smartly. Refraining from fixing what wasn’t broken, the best moments of their return evoke the magic hour industrial sunsets of their hometown, while detours into Morricone-inspired territory and the four-to-the-floor fireworks of House of Mirrors supply peaks to please those familiar with its predecessors.

NME Album Review

The NME’s album review, which appeared in this week’s print edition, has today been posted online at their website. They give the album 8/10, stating that, “Only the overcooked, Blondie-referencing funk of ‘Compulsion’ really disappoints”

‘The Outsiders’ is a trashy, loveable stomp featuring an ace distorted bassline and swathes of wah-wah, while ‘Winter Hill’ is the sort of anthemic rock song that U2 spend years and millions trying to write. And there’s as much chance of Bono singing about “grassy tracks” as there is of Doves singing about “sexy boots”.

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The Independent Gives Album Top Marks

Music critic, Andy Gill, has given Doves’ Kingdom Of Rust album a five star rating in his review within today’s edition of The Independent newspaper.

The Independent

…it’s all carefully worked out, plotted and planned, but without once adopting the condescending assumptions common to the stadium acts whose position Doves will surely challenge. Album of the year? Quite possibly.

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Listen To The FULL Album On MySpace

You can now listen to the full Kingdom Of Rust album on Doves’ MySpace page at

Feel free to add your first reactions to the comments, below.

Archive: ‘Kingdom Of Rust’ Live On T4

Click here to download Doves’ first live TV performance of ‘Kingdom Of Rust’, as broadcast earlier today in the U.K., on T4.

The video is an Xvid-encoded MPEG4 AVI file which should be standalone-compatible with most new DVD or AV players which are equipped to play DivX files.


If you are still holding out to hear the album on release day. Then you can head over to Stereogum to hear Winter Hill with the band’s blessing. This will be the next single. Out June I’m told.

Don’t forget later today doves will be performing a live session from Maida Vale in London on the Dermot O’Leary show BBC Radio 2 at 2PM.

Here is a review of the Kingdom Of Rust single as featured in the California Chronicle…

DOVES Kingdom Of Rust ***

With a futuristic glow and vintage rhythm, this sounds like far- flung folk music from a planet spinning off its axis. Four Doves- free years have whetted the appetite for the Manc trio’s return, and the title track from their imminent album is suitably grand, lustrous and melancholic. Not exactly a departure, but still a cut above mere mortals.


Its going to be a busy day. Its doves day on NME radio from 9am. Tracks from the new album Kingdom Of Rust will be played, as well as the old favourites. Andy & Jez will be stting in the DJ chair between 2-3pm.

Then at 4pm doves will be appearing on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6 show. Talking about the new album and they will also play a live session.

Expect blog updates throughout the day.

Check out for the second part of the interview with Jez & Andy regarding the tour setlist. Andy talks about what tracks from the new album are to be added to the set, plus also the omission of the Cedar Room. A great read.


Check out for the first part of an interview with Andy & Jez about the tour setlist. Interesting stuff. They will also talk about the controversial omission of The Cedar Room! I’m looking forward to reading that one.

The Radio One Chart Blog reviews Kingdom Of Rust.

Metro have got a cool piece about doves up online. Check it out..

Doves are still reaching for the skies

For a different take on the London show last week. Check out the Times review of the show..

Doves at the Forum NW5

Personally, I’d be more than happy to listen to U2 without Bono…


Doves will be appearing live on the tv & radio quite a bit over the next few weeks. So far I know of..

Friday March 27

2pm NME Radio (Andy & Jez DJ for an hour)
Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music 4pm (live session)

Saturday March 28

Dermot O’Leary BBC Radio 2 2pm (live session)

Sunday March 29
T4 Channel 4 (live performance of Kingdom Of Rust)

Later Dates

Later With Jools Holland April 14th or 21st (thanks Comster!)

If you hear of any more, let me know so I can post up the details.


So yes the album leaked yesterday. Its actually been on a certain site for awhile, but due to watermark issues it didn’t hit the mainstream sites until today. Hopefully those of you who have downloaded the album are enjoying it. Its a gem of an album. Don’t forget to buy your copy April 6/7 wherever you are. The artwork is beautiful.

I will post my own review sometime in April. I may be able to avoid name dropping Elbow! :)