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Doves Almost Never Flew

Doves spoke to the Sun about the upcoming headline set at Glastonbury. Its an interesting watch, with Jimi admitting the band almost called it a day after their debut performance at Glastonbury back in 1998.

After a shambolic appearance at Glastonbury in 1998, the boys nearly split up following their first festival.

Frontman JIMI GOODWIN said: “We came home with the worst hangover and we just got the horrors.

“We had a meeting in the pub… It was ridiculous.

“We’d not even put out our first single and after all the hardship of SUB SUB (their former band) and all of the ups and downs, we come home from Glastonbury with a bit of a hangover and decide before we’ve even put anything out to split up!”

To see the the full article, and watch the video of the interview click here.


Doves performed three tracks for the Mark Radcliffe show on Radio 2. They performed Kingdom of Rust, The Greatest Denier & Northenden. Below is the mp3 for Northenden and abit of chat. I will upload the rest of the interview tomorrow. I will not be uploading the new songs, until the album has been released.

Northenden [live on Radcliffe 10/03/2009]


Doves are currently at BBC Radio studios doing a studio performance for the Mark Radcliffe show. They have just performed Kingdom of Rust.