Merry Christmas

Its hard to believe the year is all but done! But what a year though. I started this wee blog off shortly after the free digital release of Jetstream back in Febuary. Never expected it to take off the way it has. The original plan was to just run til the end of the year, or whenever the wheels came off the Kingdom Of Rust promo wagon, then leave it up as an archive. As I have enjoyed it so much, I shall be keeping the blog going for as long as its wanted.

Thanks to you all who read the blog.

Couldn’t have done it without the input of so many of you. A big thanks to those of you who sent in reviews, articles, texting setlists straight after the shows and so much more.

Special thanks to Justin! Your contribition to the blog early on was invaluable and still lives on! Cheers mate.

A massive thank you to Dave for your support & encouragement. Much appreciated! And finally a big cheesy thanks to doves for everything. Not just for this year, but for the last decade! Its been quite the ride.

Merry Christmas to you all. Stay safe and here’s to a healthy new year.

Here is some Christmas cheer from Doves, thanks to Spidey Spence!

PS: Happy Birthday Mrs McMillan! :)

Absolute Radio Live Session Video

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Actually, you can watch the video of the performance right now. Three tracks, missing the Low cover. Hopefully this one is aired tonight, as I can’t wait to hear that!

Edit.. A behind the scenes look at the session features the Low cover..

Beautiful cover!

Absolute Radio Session

Pictured tweeted by @chrissalmon

As I reported earlier, doves performed a live session for Absolute Radio at the House of St Barnabas chapel. The performance was acoustic. Setlist info courtesy of Blue Skies & NLF on doves board.


Kingdom Of Rust
The Greatest Denier
The Fear (x2)
Just Like Christmas (Low Cover)

More over the weekend! Audio & hopefully some video on Tuesday night.