San Francisco Review

At last, we have a San Francisco review, an awesome one at that. With some of the best pictures I have seen on this tour. Thanks to Chov for bringing this one to our attention.

From Hippies Are Dead:

Obviously, however, enthusiasm can only take you so far, and at some point you need to match it with technical skill. Lucky for them, Doves has it in spades. It’s enough of a miracle that the band can reproduce their sound live, but that they can do it so dynamically and accurately, and then add a layer newness on top is simply stunning.

To read the full review and see the awesome pictures, click here.

California Photos & Vancouver Press

Doves & Pop Noir in LA.

Thanks to whrrlmusic over at twitter for pointing out this collection of pictures taken by the Pop Noir guys, of their time back stage with doves at the LA Wiltern.

Check out the OC Weekly picture slideshow taken at the Anaheim show last Friday.

Doves play their final California show tonight in San Francisco. Then its on the Pacific Northwest. On Thursday the band hit Vancouver to play the awesome Commodore Ballroom. Here’s a wee snippet from the British Ccolumbia newspaper the Globe and Mail:

Doves’ latest album, Kingdom of Rust, has been called a Lancastrian Joshua Tree, so strong is the group’s connection to their northern British roots – they even recorded it on a farm near their home town. This is not a new fad: On 2002’s The Last Broadcast, they named a track after a motorway, the M62, recording the song under one of the road’s flyovers. This is their first tour since 2005 and early reports from U.K. gigs suggest this should be a stormer of a show. Thursday, Commodore Ballroom, doors at 8 p.m.

Carson Daly show

Last night’s LA Wiltern show was taped for a future episode of the Carson Daly show. Both Doves & Wild Light (who apparently stole the show with an awesome pair of tight white jeans!) footage will appear on a future episode of the show. More info as we have it.

LA Wiltern Videos

Check out these awesome videos taken by okeastron, over at youtube. Thanks to Brandon for pointing them out to us.



The Outsiders

Caught By The River

Sounds like a fantastic show! Really, I haven’t seen the band just yet this year, a couple weeks for me. But they really do sound better than ever live, listening to these videos/bootlegs that have surfaced so far.

Anaheim Set list

Here is the set list from last night’s show at the House Of Blues, Anaheim. The show was dedicated to Rob Gretton.

Pop Noir played Temptation in tribute to Rob Gretton. Thanks to badlydrawnwoman for providing the info.

Setlist as posted by REM_Monster at Doves’ official messageboard.

May 15th

Winter Hill
Almost Forgot Myself
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom Of Rust
Black And White Town
The Outsiders
Caught By The River

Here It Comes
The Last Broadcast
There Goes The Fear