San Francisco Review

At last, we have a San Francisco review, an awesome one at that. With some of the best pictures I have seen on this tour. Thanks to Chov for bringing this one to our attention.

From Hippies Are Dead:

Obviously, however, enthusiasm can only take you so far, and at some point you need to match it with technical skill. Lucky for them, Doves has it in spades. It’s enough of a miracle that the band can reproduce their sound live, but that they can do it so dynamically and accurately, and then add a layer newness on top is simply stunning.

To read the full review and see the awesome pictures, click here.


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Welcome to! The aim of this blog is to document and archive doves in 2009 as they promote their new album Kingdom of Rust. I will post the best press reviews, audio, video & pictures. I will also revisit the past and upload some archive footage of doves (Sub Sub etc) from the past decade and beyond.

Please note: I will not be uploading any audio or video that can be purchased. So please do not ask me for something you can find at your local record store, itunes etc. I will however post up some rare deleted stuff.

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