One Year

Blog Birthday cake with thanks to MS Painter!

The blog is celebrating one year online! Actually it was a year to the day yesterday I made the first post, but I forgot about it!!

In other news, Keep your eye for a ad featuring House Of Mirrors on Sky One in the UK. No more best of news as yet, shouldn’t be too long now. A new single is on the way apparently. Pre-orders for the album has appeared on several more music stores outside the UK. Edit: It seems as if Astralwerks will be releasing the album in North America. More as I have it!

Memories Of The Barras

The Glasgow Barrowland celebrates 75 years as being one of the finest venues anywhere. Having been to some of the best venues around the world, it still does not get better than the sticky floor at the barras for me. Jimi has his say in the Sun..

Doves bassist JIMI GOODWIN said: “When we first played it I was thrilled because I used to stand outside doing bootleg T-shirts when I was 17.

“I love the fact that it hasn’t been cleaned since 1940.”

As I have mentioned before, the best doves show I ever saw was at the Barras in May 2002. Listen to the show here. Check out the intro to Caught By The River to hear a rather merry Jimi tell the crowd he saw Public Enemy at the Barras and he was the guy you bought tickets from outside! Hilarious.

Happy Birthday Barrowland! Cheers for the memories.

Chicago: Thank You Doves Band!

Doves played to a sold out crowd at the Vic Theatre in Chicago this past Friday. I wasn’t sure how the Chicago crowd would be. I shouldn’t have worried. The crowd were simply amazing. Apparently it was the best show on the US tour so far. I’ve seen the band too many times to admit on here, but the show definitely is up there with the best.

Those that were there, know the band wished this writer a Happy Birthday, and they also gave a big shout out to the blog as well. Check out the video, thank you Diegovid for capturing this!

So thank you doves band for the most amazing Birthday ever.

Interview & Performance For MN Public Radio’s The Current

Minnesota Public RadioMinnesota Public Radio’s The Current have uploaded an interview and live performance from Jimi, Jez & Martin, recorded earlier today on Jimi’s birthday.

Click here, to listen to the broadcast.