Bingley Review & Video

Another cracking video thanks to Gibbo!

Paul Bingley, sent in his review of the Bingley set, always enjoy reading fan reviews over the same old bland media reviews:

What do you get when you spend £15 on a ticket, drive 385 miles, queue for one and a half hours to buy a beer, and then squirt it down a filthy toilet? Believe it or not, you get to enjoy a day out at Bingley Music Live.

There is, of course, another ingredient to make such a day ‘extra-special’ –and that’s a full 90 minute set by Doves. And so, on 5th September 2009, those who were there were served up an absolute treat by the best band this side of the Universe.

We’d arrived at Myrtle Park a little after 4pm and just before Ocean Colour Scene took to the stage. I wasn’t a huge fan of them back in their day, so while my wife went off to cross her legs in the toilet queue, I withstood the beer line and waited for the theme tune to ‘TFI Friday’.

Sure enough, it was the first song they played. The trouble was I had to endure the rest of the back catalogue as I inched my way towards a £3.50 cup of tepid, brown fizz. Why oh why, eh?

Eventually, with two pints of something firmly in hand, and with my wife safely back from the Battle of Portaloo, we weaved our way towards a sensible position in readiness for Doves. The trouble was, once we’d found it, we were hard pushed to find anyone sensible in the immediate vicinity.

That’s what you get when you drive to a gig. While you’re sipping your hard-earned pint (and trying to make it last for about an hour), those around you are glugging their way through whisky, vodka and wine while persistently wetting themselves. Happy days for some, I suppose.

Five minutes into watching four silly little girls giggling and niggling in my face, I decided we should move. It didn’t get much better, although I did get a fantastic view of The Zuton’s Abi Harding and her sexyphone. That was a nice moment.

7.30 came and went, but no Doves. Luckily the crowd didn’t get overly restless. Most were too busy shouting, fighting or generally not taking any notice of anyone except themselves. Come on Doves, I thought, where are you when you’re needed most?

The piped music finally faded and the familiar strains of ‘Jetstream’ spread out across Myrtle Park. I’ve now decided that this song is the most sublime set-opener in the history of world music. It builds intensely and only kicks into gear once Andy begins pumping that bass drum. At Bingley, it certainly got everyone’s attention, and as usual it raised the hairs on the back of my neck.

‘Snowden’ is a Doves song that most non-fans would probably recognise, and they all did at Bingley. As Martin Rebelski began playing those spine-tingling opening notes on his ‘Poland’, the crowd was so stirred my neck hair almost floated away.

It was just before ‘Winter Hill’ that Jimi finally said hello. Despite the vast number of idiots in the audience, it was clear that most were extremely receptive to what he said. At one point, though, he heard a group of people chanting ‘you’re shit, you’re shit’ and then realised that he was in Yorkshire and they were, in fact, singing its praises. He laughed it off and so did we. This was a love-in.

‘Pounding’ began with a loud scream from the audience and off we all went into Lala land. Sadly, a couple of bald men near me felt it necessary to fall to the floor and cuddle each other in a rather aggressive way. When they were finally pulled apart, they’d acquired grown mud haircuts. That must be them, I thought –the greatest deniers.

The band tore through a mixture of old and new, and by the time they’d reached ‘Black and White Town’, the crowd were in raptures. It was around this point that someone –perhaps not enamoured with the quality of alcohol –decided to launch a pint towards the stage. It fell earthward before sonically bouncing off of Jimi’s guitar. Oh dear, I thought –Jimi’s going to cut you with a look.

He took a few seconds to compose himself before calmly admonishing the person for almost drenching a number of young children near the front. Children, I thought? What about the bass? Is it alright? Does it still work? Jimi stayed calm but soon drew a small sword shouting, “by the power of Greyskull!” Like the gas-mask-thing at Delamere, it was a bit lost on me. But I still laughed nonetheless. Oh to be a Doves fan.

I soon turned into a whirling Dervish near the end of ‘Caught by the River’. I was finally stopped from spinning by the band walking offstage. Will they return? What song will they return with? It turned out to be my favourite one, and it brought a lump to my throat.

‘The Cedar Room’ is always a firm favourite and it’s obvious why. But when it’s performed to a big crowd on a crisp sound system and in an enclosed setting, it’s completely awe-inspiring. I found myself (and thousands of others) in total, unadulterated bliss. If I could have sung it any louder I would have. Remarkably there was a man behind me who did. He was fantastic.

It got better. As the rhythm of ‘There Goes the Fear’ echoed around Myrtle Park before crashing to a halt, hundreds of people began spewing from the exits. I hesitated. My wife tried to drag me with her but I glanced back at the stage to see Jez disappearing with his guitar still slung around his chest. “No, they’re going to play it,” I said.

A few minutes later, in front of the few thousand remaining people, Doves walked onstage for their second encore. As I jumped to Spaceface with a bellyful of Tuborg, I glanced all around me. Every single person was up and dancing. Now that’s what you get when you hear Doves.

Thanks Paul! A brilliant review once again.

The band visit the West coast of Ireland Friday night to play Cois Fharraige. Then on Sunday its Bestival playing with the likes of Elbow & Kraftwerk! Do send in your setlists/reviews/photos etc!

Bingley Video

As promised, Gibbo has uploaded the video of 10.03 he shot at Bingley on Saturday night. Pretty good quality it is too!

For those of you who asked, My bad for not adding to the setlist post yesterday that the track played at the end was Spaceface.

Bingley Setlist

The setlist from last night’s Bingley show submitted by gibbo1968. Gibbo took a ton of pictures at the show, some of which can be viewed over at the official site gallery. Gibbo also took some video, which I will flag up when there ready.

Keep your eye open for some exciting doves news this week!

Bingley Last Night

Doves live on stage at the Bingley Music Fest last night. Lots more to come from the Bingley set!

Doves Live On Stage

Doves live on stage at Bingley Music Festival. Picture posted on twitter by user @pureroon Click on image for full size.

All Quiet For Now

Not a great deal going on. Though as expected, the persistent rumours of the band splitting up has been laughed off this week by the band. So we can put that one to bed.

The band return to the live stage next weekend at Bingley, for the start of a fairly busy month playing the end of summer festival circut.

Fans of Elbow may be interested to learn that they have been doing some work this summer in doves Chesire barn.

Also with a connection to doves, Cherry Ghost are playing some live shows again in September. I can’t wait for the follow up to the stunning Thirst For Romance. I will probably flag up news of the album release as it becomes available. If you haven’t checked them out, visit the Cherry Ghost myspace here.

Bingley Music Live Info

As we already reported. Doves will headline the Bingley Music Live 2009, Saturday Sept 5th. The festival takes place at Myrtle Park in Bingley West Yorkshire. The line-up for Saturday looks like this:

The Zutons
Ocean Colour Scene
The Sunshine Underground
Detroit Social Club
The Moons
Local Band
Local Band

Weekend tickets are still available at a pretty cool £25. Get your tickets here.