best of tour

Cherry Ghost

Black Fang Liverpool Uni

Got allot of emails/comments over the course of the tour about the support group. They were of course Cherry Ghost. I didn’t keep tabs of any of the Cherry Ghost setlists, if you did feel free to send them in. They changed the sets most nights.. Though I believe the tracks most folk were asking about are.. We Sleep on Stones, Kissing Strangers, Black Fang (see video above), Beneath This Burning Shoreline & Mathematics. All but the later are from their new album details here. Mathematics (which features Jimi Goodwin) was their first single which you can find on the debut album Thirst for Romance.

You can download We Sleep on Stones for free from their official website here.

Daily Record Article

Apologies for the lack of updates, I’m currently enjoying some family time here in beautiful Northumberland. Tomorrow its a visit to Holy Island. I was very lucky to spend the first 25 years of my life here.

Jimi recently spoke to the Daily Record and spoke about the future, its an excellent read. To read the article click here.

The NME reviewed last night’s gig at Blackburn. For the full review, click here.

Full service will resume next week with lots of reaction from the tour. If you have pictures/reviews whatever from the tour please send them in, I will put them up next week.

Next stop London on Thursday, see you there.

Soundcheck at Hull gig

The first gig of best of doves tour will kick off tonight. At the soundcheck doves were playing ‘blue water’. This is gonna be an exciting gig!