News Of The World

Its old news really, but kinda cool all the same. Doves had a nice big feature in the News Of The World just before the tour started.

If you didn’t get to read the article, click here for hi-res scans. Cheers to my mum for spotting this!!

Tour stuff to come on Wednesday, will be updating the live archive with setlists/photos from all the shows. I have sets for all shows except Folkestone, was you there? Let me know how it went/setlist if you can.

Hot Air!

So that Hot Press yesterday had allot of us going. But fear not as Andy has had his say over at the official forum..

I’d just like to reassure you all that we’re definitely not splitting up & this is definitely
not our farewell tour!!

So there you have it! Great news, though that was quite the jump made by Hot Press! I doubt this blog will be flagging up any further “news” from that lot again.

To read the rest of what Andy had to say about the article and what doves are doing right now, head over to the official forum.

Jimi In NME

Jimi has a full page spread in this week’s NME..

You will need to buy the mag to be able to read the article.

Doves In Q & Mojo Magazines

The current issues of U.K. music magazines, Q and Mojo, both contain Doves features this month.

Q magazine has five pages devoted to the band and Mojo has a two-page “On The Road With Doves” article.

Q and Mojo, June 2009

For further info on this month’s Q, click here, and for further info on this month’s Mojo, click here.

Thanks to nipa at the official Doves Messageboard, for bringing this to our attention.