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Lost Sub Sub Gem: Senna

Ever since starting this blog back in Febuary, the most requests I get is for music from doves previous incarnation Sub Sub. Up for download today is a track long forgotten about…

I have offered up the Coast EP previously, just do a search to find that in the archives. Related to Coast is a track titled Senna which was featured on the Angel 12″ double pack in 1994. Senna is an early alternate version of Coast, which was retitled as a tribute to Ayrton Senna.

Please note the quality of this rip is really bad! But as this track has been requested so often, I will offer up this poor quality mp3, straight from my own vinyl so you can at least get a sample of this track. If anyone wants to offer up a better quality mp3, I’d love to hear from you!



Daily Vinyl

Here’s one for those of you enjoy vinyl records.

thedailyvinyl.com has featured the Kingdom Of Rust vinyl. A really interesting site, that celebrates vinyl records, but with a twist..

Check out thedailyvinyl.com for more videos like this. The Pink Floyd video is especially cool!


Thanks to Brian for the heads up! The Kingdom of Rust/Push Me On 12″ records are now available to order at Piccadilly Records. These are limited to 1000 copies each. Go get them!

Kingdom Of Rust – Still Going / Prins Thomas Remixes Ltd 12″ – HVN18912P2

Side A: “Kingdom of Rust” – Still Going Mix
Side B: “Kingdom of Rust” – Prins Thomas Diskomiks

Push Me On – Inc. Glimmers Remix Ltd 12″ – HVN18912P3

Side A: “Push Me On” – Glimmers Mix
Side B: “Push Me On” – Original Mix

Push Me On – Playgroup Remixes Ltd 12″ – HVN18912P1

Side A: “Push Me On” – Playgroup Megamix (aka Trevor Jackson)
Side B: “Push Me On” – Playgroup Megadub