Artwork by John Mackin and Graham Newman

Released: August 15th 1994

Produced by: Sub Sub and Adam Fuest

Label: Rob’s Records

Additional Info: Vocals are by Nina Henchion. The track ‘Coast’ is in fact an entirely different track to the one finally released as lead track on the 12″. This alternative ‘Coast’ did finally get released as a B-side to ‘Angel’ and was retitled ‘Senna’.

Senna was titled as a tribute to F1 driver Ayrton Senna.


I used to face the sun, hoping that the warmth would fill me up
But all I felt was cold and low, it was all I’d ever known
Get back the faith I’d lost, I denied myself the need to see
I was tired and weary, run down and blue
I couldn’t see clearly, I opened my mind, then came you… my angel

There just ain’t no reason to suffer because there’s you
Miles and miles of you
Then there’s you
Miles and miles of you

All the people i thought i loved, they turned their backs on me
I can’t believe i let them walk, let them walk all over me
Respect, i never got it, playing with my mind
I’d lost my way, I couldn’t see, I was blind and confused, temporarily

And then came you
Miles and miles of you
Then there’s you
Miles and miles of you

Track Listings:

As with Ain’t No Love & Respect. There are many different versions of Angel released across the territories. Here are the Rob’s Records UK releases.

CD Single CD ROB 29

1 Angel (Original Edit) (3:47)
2 Angel (Deep Love Mix) (8:12)
3 Angel (Primetime Mix) (5:43)
4 Southern Trees (Instrumental) (6:00)

12″ Vinyl Double Pack 12 ROB 29, 12 ROB 29X

A1 Angel (Original Mix)
A2 Angel (Primetime Mix)
B1 Senna
B2 Southern Trees (Instrumental)
C1 Angel (Deep Love Mix)
C2 Angel (Deep Love Instrumental)
D1 Angel (Pegasus Retro Mix)
D2 Angel (Primetime Dub)

Notable Overseas Release

A seven track maxi CD released on Jive in Germany features Senna, the only CD release for this rare B-side.

Maxi CD Jive 74321 21838 2

1 Angel (Pegasus Retro Edit)
2 Angel (Pegasus Retro Mix)
3 Angel (Love To Infinity Deep Love Mix)
4 Angel (Love To Infinity Deep Love 12″ Instrumental)
5 Angel (Primetime Mix)
6 Senna
7 Southern Trees