The Line of Best Fit Doves Interview

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read as Ed Nash spoke to entire band. They cover various topics from the very start, meeting at the Hacienda right up to the present day. Here’s a wee hilarious snippet, discussing the very first Doves “show” in the US..

Doves’ first US tour in 2001

Jimi:  Most of that tour was on the proper American gig circuit, but our first gig night in America was a bit dodgy. We were flown into the middle of nowhere in Florida, because Coldplay had pulled out of this gig.

Jez:  When we got there, we knew why they pulled out! Apparently, they had the flu.

Andy:  It was a music convention and weren’t too happy that our first gig was a music biz thing. We were told ‘With all the radio people there, if you play this there’s a good likelihood you could sell up to a million records.’ We were told a lot of bullshit basically. There was hardly anyone there and you could see people in the kitchen making burgers while we were onstage.

Jimi:  We had to get changed in the kitchen, because that was our dressing room.

Jez:  It was like in the film  Casino, where people are in the back getting their tuxedos on and I still look back at that with a kind of fondness. We had this guy saying, ‘This is the difference between selling one record and a million if you play tonight!’- at the equivalent of Burger King.

Andy:  The rest of the tour was amazing though.

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