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Are there any songs from the older songs from Doves albums that you’re really looking forward to playing again?

I think we might dig out some songs that we haven’t done in years. I’ll certainly be pushing for that. There is lots of chat in forums about songs we never play so it would be nice to spring a surprise with songs that haven’t been in the set before. We can’t get away with not playing The Cedar Room though! People have such a strong connection with it that we don’t want to let people down. We’re there to connect with people and songs like that make that connection.

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The last time the band tried to omit The Cedar Room from the live set was back in 2009, it caused quite the stir among the fan base, so much so one fan even set up a petition to get the song back in the set! Thankfully the petition wasn’t needed as the song did get put back into the set.

I’ll throw in Walk in Fire for future inclusion on the live setlist, a fan favourite that’s never been played live surprisingly.