Hull Setlist

Doves played Zebedee’s Yard in the heart of Hull city centre this evening. Before Space face, Jimi gave a shout out to the Doves forum, thanks to his ‘chance’ meeting with some of the forum regulars at a local gin bar earlier in the day.

Join the shenanigans on the current Doves forum which is now connected to Doves official facebook page here. The spirit of the old Doves web forum which has been around since early 2000 lives on! Feel free to post yer snaps from the gig or any Doves gig!

To Hull and back

Next up for Doves is Victorious festival in Portsmouth tomorrow (Friday night) for a short 45 minute set from 6:30pm, on just before The Specials. Give us a shout if your going via email, the forum or tweet @dovesmusicblog