Black Rivers Guitar Tabs & Lyrics

BR Trades Club

Thanks to Nick Yates we can bring you the complete set of Black Rivers Guitar tabs. You can find them via the BR tab on the menu bar.

The tabs are designed so that you can strum along to the  tracks. You don’t have to  play a right-handed guitar upside down to enjoy them!

In other Black Rivers news, they have announced a gig at the brilliant Trades Club in Hebden Bridge. Tickets are on sale this Friday (July 10th) from 9am at the Trades Club website.

BR have put out a stunning Rebelski remix of Deep Rivers Run Quiet. Check it out here! Brilliant stuff, Doves put out some cracking remixes over the years but the best one in opinion was always Rebelski’s mix of The Sulphur Man. Dare I say better than the original?!