Portland Setlist

As posted by Schnappy at doves board:

Winter Hill
Almost Forgot Myself
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom of Rust
Black & White Town
The Outsiders
Caught By The River
Here It Comes
The Last Broadcast
There Goes The Fear

The Last Broadcast was dedicated to Jimi’s mum, who died five years ago to the day.

Jimi’s Straight-Talking

Jimi has recently been interviewed by Vanvouver-centric lifestyle website, Straight.com, ahead of Doves’ Canadian shows.


‘Kingdom of Rust’, those opening images, like the cooling towers and stuff, it reminds me of an industry that’s gone, and nature’s reclaimed it,” he says of the album’s title track. “You know, when you get those sites or derelict yards and things, and nature’s taken over because it’s been abandoned. Nature will reclaim what is rightfully its.”

Click here, to read the full interview.

Pitchfork 5-10-15-20

Thanks to our friends at Nashville Mixtapes for bringing this to our attention. Jimi recently gave Pitchfork his 5-10-15-20 picks. Its a new feature at pitchfork, where they talk to artists about the music they loved at five-year interval points in their lives. Its interesting reading:

Age 5

Mud: “Tiger Feet”

The first gig I went to was for this bubblegum 70s rock’n’roll band Mud. They were all wearing teddy boy suits. It was a bit silly, but I was five. It was back in the time when all the merchandise and badges were really huge– they were as big as me. I bought a Mud flag, a Mud scarf, and a big Mud badge and I was showing them off in the playground the next day. The teacher took it all off me. I was a little too excited.

Age 25

Radiohead: The Bends

After listening to hip-hop and dance music for a long time I started to get excited by guitar music again around this time. The Bends is where Radiohead really started coming into their own, where Thom Yorke really found his voice as a lyricist and writer. They really impacted us as a band. They impacted everyone.

To read the rest of Jimi’s picks, click here.

Doves condemn modern music culture

Jimi talked to BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat about getting old, being beaten to number one by Lady Gaga and the industry’s ‘unreasonable expectations’ for new bands.

Doves’ Jimi Goodwin has condemned the speed at which the music industry promotes new music.

Speaking to Newsbeat he said: “The thirst for new music is overlooking a lot of things and there’s not a lot of time for bands to nurture and develop. We didn’t get good for years or reach a place where we wanted to be.”

He added: “We were very lucky that we were allowed to do that.”

To read the entire BBC article, click here.

Pop Noir, Doves & Johnny Marr

How cool is this this picture. The guys from Pop Noir, Jimi & Johnny Marr backstage at the LA Wiltern. As posted on Pop Noir’s twitter. Great band, check them out here. Sad they are not doing the rest of the tour.

Listen Again To FM94/9 Interview

San Diego radio station FM94/9 has uploaded Jimi’s interview with DJ Amanda at her blog.

Click here to visit Amanda’s blog and listen to the interview.

p.s. Amanda, if you’re reading this, it’s us whom you are following on Twitter, not the band!

T In The Park

Thanks to Tricky for the link. Doves have been confirmed to play this year’s T In The Park. Check out the Sunday Mail article link below. Jimi gives his thoughts on playing T & the influence his late father had on his music growing up.

DOVES are flying back to Balado

The Sunday Mail have also reviewed the Barras show, making it the gig of the week. To read the review, click here.

Kingdom Of Rust has remained a number 3, for a second straight week. Great news, the album sales remain solid. Much improvement on Some Cities, which dropped out the charts like a stone pretty quickly after going to number one.

Jimi on BBC Radio Scotland’s Tom Morton Show

Jimi popped into BBC Radio Scotland studios this morning, to speak to Tom Morton. A cool interview. Jimi talk’s about last night’s show at the barras, Doves in Scotland & touring America, among other stuff.

Part One

Part Two

As posted on doves board. The setlist from last night’s show at the barras:

Winter Hill
Almost Forgot
Kingdom of Rust
Black & White
The Outsiders
Caught By
Here It Comes
Last Broadcast
The Fear

Check out these awesome pictures of the gig, taken by Alice. By all accounts the show was the best of the year so far. The Barras never disappoint.

Doves are in Edinburgh tonight to play the Picture House for the first time.

Jimi Chooses Q The Music’s Friday "Track Of The Day"

For the last installment of doves guest editors appearance at Q music online. Jimi has chosen ‘Omega Time’ by Malakai, to be Q The Music’s Friday “Track Of The Day”, as part of Doves’ role as guest editors of the website this week.

Jimi Goodwin (Doves): “From their album ‘The Ugly Side of Love’. Bristol madness! Think Jeff Barrett (Doves’ label boss at Heavenly Records) turned us on to this. Reminds me of things like Madvillain/Madlib/Edan psychedelic hip hop. Really thrilled that they’re going to be supporting us on our April/May tour.”

Here’s a quick recap of the week’s picks.

Monday: Jacob and the Angel by the Invisible (Jimi)
Tuesday: Tonight’s Today by Jack Penate (Jez)
Wednesday: Sea Within A Sea by the Horrors (Andy)
Thursday: Extinction by the Soft Pack (Jimi)

Andy & Jez also talked to Q about all the albums. Here are the links:

Lost Souls (Andy)
The Last Broadcast (Jez)
Some Cities (Andy)
Kingdom Of Rust (Jez)

If you still have not got enough doves at Q. Then check out doves greatest hits page here.

Kingdom Of Rust – In Their Own Words

The NME have put up a video of Jimi & Andy talking about the album track by track. It’s a great watch. Click here to view the video.