Caught By The River

Artwork by Rick Myers

Released: October 22nd 2002

Produced by: Doves & Steve Osborne

Label: Heavenly

Additional info: The Limited Edition enhanced CD Single for ‘Caught By The River’ was recalled by heavenly EMI due to a miss-press –the video was left off the disc. A corrected CD single was later released, but without the video.

Track listings

CD HVN 126CDS Comes with fold-out poster

1. Caught By The River.
2. Hit The Ground Running
3. Willow’s Song
4. Caught by the River” (Enhanced Video)


1. Caught By The River.
2. Hit The Ground Running
3. Willow’s Song

10″ Vinyl HVN 126-10

Side A: Caught By The River
Side B: The Sulphur Man (Rebelski Remix), Where We’re Calling From (Hebden Bridge Remix)


Promo Video (Directed by David Mould)

Chart History

Highest UK single chart position: 29

Caught By The River spent two weeks in the chart. Second week, number 75.

NME Review

NME Review

Bring peace to someone with Doves…

Perhaps an obvious choice, the third single from Doves’ glorious ‘The Last Broadcast’ is a return to the straightforward, acoustic, radio-friendly feel of their early hit ‘Catch The Sun’. But underneath the musical simplicity, Doves maintain an emotion only matched this year by Coldplay. Like that Manchester legend of yore Morrissey, they manage brilliantly to take a fundamentally melancholy song –the narrative tells the story of a father watching helplessly as his son’s life unravels –and make it empowering, uplifting, anthemic. More than a handy stopgap before their UK tour next month, ‘Caught By The River’, is also handy reminder that there’s more than one band this year capable of putting America –ahem –in its place.