Artwork By Rick Myers

Released: April 5th 2010

Produced by: Doves & Dan Austin Mixed by Dave Bascombe

Label: Heavenly

Additional Info: First Doves single not to chart. First aired on BBC Radio One’s Zane Low show March 3rd 2010.

Track list:

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1. Andalucia
2. Jetstream (Acoustic Version)

Guardian Review

Doves show that heaven knows they’re not miserable now

Since Joy Division and the Smiths, critics have married the words “Mancunian” and “miserablist”. From Elbow to I Am Kloot, it seems a northern soul is always a sad one, right? Wrong. Doves have always demonstrated that they can pen sky-reaching anthems, as their forthcoming Best Of album shows. New track Andalucia is no exception. “The world that we see, belongs to you and me,” sings Jimi Goodwin in a voice that soars higher than the clouds. It seems even heaven knows they’re not miserable now.


Andy Spoke to XFM Manchester’s Pete Mitchell on Sunday March 28th. You can listen to here. The bit missing is basically just Andy talking about how somebody suggested they should revisit Blue Water for the Best Of. What you will hear is Andy talk about the origins of Andalucia and the band’s plans for the rest of the year.