The Universal Want Lyrics Booklet

As you will likely know the booklet that came with The Universal Want vinyl & CD was sadly lacking in lyrics much to the disappointment of many. Huge thanks to our good friend and Doves forum regular Madeleine Kuhn aka BlackEyedAngel, she has put together a lyrics booklet so that we don’t have to pull up the lyrics websites every time we want to sing along to the tracks!

The booklet comes in full colour form or black & white if you prefer. There’s also a seperate A4 lyrics sheet and an instruction booklet that will help you with how to put the booklet together.

🔗 Download The Universal Want lyrics booklet all files

Individual Files 👇

🔗Download the colour booklet

🔗Download the black & white booklet

🔗Download the booklet instructions

🔗Download the A4 lyrics sheet

Again all credit to Madeleine Kuhn for putting this fantastic booklet together and allowing DMB to host the booklet for us all to enjoy!