TUW Vinyl Pressing Review

Clash music has reviewed the quality of The Universal Want vinyl pressing:

A solid retread of past glories, varnished with several new belters in ‘For Tomorrow’ and ‘Cathedrals Of The Mind’, the record has been curiously mastered and lacks nuance. Where normally this would be unpicked to some extent for the vinyl master, something still seems awry on this GZ pressing.

The first copy Just Played received had considerable paper detritus across the smeary-looking vinyl and even two ultrasonic cleans at the heaviest setting couldn’t rid it of considerable surface noise.

A second copy had less dirt on the disc and was spared much of the unacceptable volley of pops and clicks of the first, but the sound on both was simultaneously shrill and muddy. Whatever the merits of the music, the percussion sounds like it’s coming from a neighbouring commuter’s headphones while the mid-range often appears to be underwater. Approach with extreme caution.

Sadly I can’t disagree with the comments about the quality of the vinyl pressing. I’m no audiophile – but you don’t need to be to enjoy vinyl. The two versions I have on 12″ both sound off. One is unlistenable, with drop outs throughout. The other is a bit better but still should sound better than it does. Some fans have reported having no issues with the vinyl, while others have reported similar issues so I’m not sure what the problem is other than it must be a lack of quality control at the pressing plant. The CD sounds great, as does the remix EP included in the boxset which was well put together and is well worth splurging out for if you can.

I should add I did not come across the same issues with last year’s reissues, which sound as good as the original vinyl’s (which I own) to my untrained ears.