Independent Interview

The Independent have published a quite open interview they did with the band over Zoom..

“The last tune we did before the fire was with Tricky, on a track called ‘Smoking Beagles’. We always thought he must’ve left a joint on the back of the couch and set the whole studio on fire,” Jez jokes, and chases his train of thought into Manchester gentrification. “You couldn’t leave your car outside or it’d get torched. Now it’s one of the top five places to live in the UK, according to  The Guardian.”

“My girlfriend’s car got torched by the local pyromaniac twice,” says Goodwin, “but it was an electrical fire that in essence burnt the studio down,” Jez butts in. “Tricky’s joint!” Goodwin guffaws. “The amount of weed I was smoking with him, blazing up like a f***in’ good ‘un…”

They decided to release their latest track “Forest House” only as sheet music, obliging fans to play it if they want to hear it and prompting a flurry of versions in wildly differing styles. Was that an attempt to bypass the casual consumer and force people to engage? “I’d be a liar if I said that the idea came from the band,” Goodwin chuckles. “I’ve heard a couple that are alright. One of them sounds a bit like Teletext. I’ve not heard the panpipe one. [Jazz voice] Pan Pipe Moods with Doves.”

😂 🤣 Read the full interview here. Cheers to Anal Beard for the tip on this one! ✊