Doves Live Return Round Up

So after all that, Doves are back! Apologies for the lack of updates. Lots of traveling, family time before returning to the states, but in case you missed what happened..

Warrington Setlist

Unsurprisingly, the band played it safe with the setlist, plenty of fans favorites, of course they couldn’t play them all. Darker got a rare live outing, first time since 04 maybe? The Outsiders was also a surprise choice for some. After 9 years away the band sounded well rehearsed to my ears.

Royal Albert Hall setlist

A shorter set at the Royal Albert Hall, due to an 11pm curfew. An even better performance than the night before I thought. Some media reaction…readers beware, those reviews are a bit odd in places!

NME / The Times ****/ The Telegraph ****

Stereogum also celebrates Doves live return, picking their top 10 Doves tunes here. Some interesting choices in there for sure.

Doves next scheduled live performance is on May 26th at Bearded Theory.