New Music, Vinyl Reissues & More

I go away for a weekend and it all happens..

Q mag May edition runs with an exclusive interview with band. Go out and buy a copy, its well worth a read. The short of it is the band confirms they have some new music in the works with a possible release next year.

Also confirmed is the much rumoured vinyl reissues which are scheduled for May 31st, the first 3 albums are due to be released on limited edition, numbered, coloured vinyl. Take my money already!

As the band have mentioned previously they do hope to do some live shows later this year of their own. To preview new music perhaps? We sure hope so!

Finally, Jimi was the special guest on Andy Votel’s RANDOMINIUM show, to talk about random picks from Votel’s record collection. Not too much Doves talk, but its quite entertaining hearing them discuss some really random records! Give it a listen here.