An Apology to Jimi Goodwin

Published author Joseph Rogers saw Jimi live in Cardiff a few years back, whilst Jimi was touring the Odludek album. Joe wrote an account of the gig and his chance meeting with Jimi. Its a thoroughly enjoyable read, please don’t take my word for, go check it out. Thank you to Joe for allowing me to post the entire article for fans of Jimi/Doves to enjoy.

An Apology to Jimi Goodwin

©Joseph Rogers. This is an account based on true events. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information, neither the author or publisher is responsible for any errors or omissions present. Dialogue is not necessarily representative of the thoughts of person(s) /organisation(s) mentioned and are a recollection of the author’s account of events – not an official record of the event. This work is part of an (as yet) untitled larger project for possible future release. For more information on this and other projects, please contact Joseph on Twitter @TheJRogers

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