Unknown Pleasures

Cheers for the feedback regarding the new look site! Appreciate it. I have finished off the live section.   If you want to submit info about any show, feel free to email me.

No word on Doves forum, hopefully its restored next week. If not I can set something up here. No word on if Number 1 was the culprit!

Must be a slow news week in the music press as those split-up stories are doing the rounds again. For those of you still wondering, read this interview.

Peter Hook brings his Unknown Pleasures show to these shores later this year. Not sure about this to be honest. For those of you who may have seen the show, is it worth seeing? I probably wouldn’t have considered it had I been living back home in the UK.   Living over here you do become abit more nostalgic for all things British.

Freebass release their ‘long awaited’ lp in a few weeks. I’m sure the PR this week will do no harm. Though articles like this one seem wide of the mark, with statements like:

growing tensions within the Manchester music scene

Are you having a laugh?

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