Edinburgh Review

A review in today’s Scotsman of last night’s Edinburgh show by Gary Flockhart.

TINNITUS- inducing roars of appreciation rang out around the HMV Picture House as 1500 punters welcomed their heroes on stage last night. The object of their affection, Doves, were in town to play the first big gig of this year’s Edge Festival, and the mostly 30-something crowd knew they were in for a set brimming with atmosphere and tension from beginning to end.

You don’t get a whole lot of razzmatazz at a Doves gig. The band don’t rely on hideously over-the-top stage theatrics a la Muse and U2, and their between-song patter consists of mutterings to one another – presumably – about guitar strings. But they get away with any lack of charisma because the music is so damn affecting.

To read the full review, click here.

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