Kingdom of Rust: A Celebrity’s Thoughts

Not quite sure how to describe this, but apparently its some “celebrity” discussing Kingdom Of Rust with a blogger I think, kinda funny in places..

Blokes Singing About Bloke Hood
Cody: The fact that they are blokes and sing about their bloke hood is a major plus for me. On the other hand, to my mind their sound is suitable for stadiums or at least hockey rinks…It’s BIG.
Fluxy: “Blokes that sing about their bloke hood” Ha! But their sound is definitely BIG. And great with images. Every time I turned on the TV, this album is being used on shows. I hear songs on football shows, teenage dramas, documentaries about Iraq. The latest was on a TV dance contest, after a bitterly disappointed 40 year-old woman was booted off the show. They played a track from first album ‘Lost Souls’. Apt.
Cody: I get it, though. Even though the lyrics are very personal, the music builds to anthemic. It is very produced (not meant as negative).
Fluxy: I was told by a guitarist friend that Jez Williams, the lead guitarist, is considered by many to be the top dog in Britain at the moment. “Top dog” meaning best guitarist, as opposed to best shagger….
Cody: Yes, he does have a multiplicity of riffage.

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