Lost Souls in The Guardian

In today’s Guardian Chris Salmon explains why Lost Souls is his favourite album:

Even if you didn’t listen to a word of Lost Souls’ lyrics, you’d struggle to remain unmoved by the rivers of raw emotion flowing through it. But pay attention to the tales of tough times and broken relationships that Goodwin is spinning and your heart feels like it’s been whacked with a cricket bat wrapped in a blanket. There are the nightmares and insomnia of Sea Songs; the quiet despair of the title track; the sighing resignation of Break Me Gently (there’s a clue in that title too); and the full-tilt blubfest of Cedar Room, with its chorus howl of “I tried to sleep alone, but I couldn’t do it”. Sure, there are “blue skies ahead” in the sumptuous The Man Who Told Everything, but only because its desperate character has just sold some life-wrecking secrets and is doing a runner to the airport.

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A Doves Music Blog exclusive for you, I can finally reveal what the Williams brothers have been upto! For more info check out the Williams Brothers Brewery website! ;) Thanks to Caught By The River for the tip!