Caught By The River Radio show

Some more news on what Jimi is currently up to. Taken from an interview posted at

Do you have material you’ve written on your own that you think you may do something with outside of Elbow right now, like a solo project or side band?

I’m currently collaborating with Jimmy Goodwin from Doves

Guy Garvey also mentioned on his 6 Music show last week that he & Jimi had been working together at Real World Studios. All sounds very cool! Hope to hear more on this.

If you missed out on hearing Jimi’s Bird Effect track on 6 Music the other week. A different version, which sounds like the track intro was aired on Domino Radio last week on a show presented by the good folks at Caught By The River. The show is archived online here, well worth checking out to hear more new music from Jimi! Listen to the full show, some great music on it including Dave Rofe’s brilliant Richard Burton-King Tubby –Under Dub Wood mash up.