The Bird Effect Ensemble pre show – Photo from the Marc Riley facebook

Breath taking! Earlier this evening Jimi and his Bird Effect Ensemble performed the Bird Effect title track in full live on 6 Music’s Marc Riley show. It is a beautiful mesmerizing piece of music, that should be listened to in full. If you have a chance to attend the performance in London next Thursday you should jump at it! Well impressed, Jimi probably should be expecting a call from the National Geographic channel here soon..

Listen to the track in full at the BBC iPlayer here. For Jimi’s section jump to 34 minutes in!

Jimi also briefly talked about the ‘solo’ record, mentioning he hoped it would see light of day next Spring! Exciting times ahead..

Photo from the  Radcliffe and Maconie twitter

Earlier in the day Jimi co-hosted the Radcliffe and Maconie show with Guy Garvey. Haven’t had a chance to listen to it myself yet. You can replay the show on demand using the iPlayer here.

You gotta ask.. how long is it before Jimi gets his own 6 music show?!

New Music From Rebelski

Rebelski this weekend updated his Myspace blog with this post:

I recently composed the soundtrack to a BBC documentary called ‘Around The World In 60 Minutes’. Excerpts of the soundtrack can now be heard on myspace profile player. The film is currently being shown on BBC Four and iplayer. More info here :

Fascinating documentary, with some beautiful music. Well worth checking out on the iplayer. For users outside the UK, try the expat shield. ;)

BBC Christmas speech

No not that one! BBC 6 Music has Richard Hawley hosting an alternative to the Queens speech on Christmas day. The show features Jimi Goodwin as well as the likes of Guy Garvey & Billy Bragg among others. Show starts at 1pm thro til 4pm.

Info taken from

Thanks to Armin in Germany for the link!